Statement and Biography

I am a dedicated social individual and humanitarian; my ultimate desire being to live in a fair society where the lives of all human beings are valued equally.
I hope you enjoy looking at my portfolio which contains some of the strongest aspects of my work.

Pankaj Kr. SaxenaPankaj Kumar Saxena is an artist based in Delhi, India.

He is a born experimenter, blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected items into meaningful pieces of self-expression.

His style is “Fused Unfused”. This is how he describes his work. He treats his work like an abstract thought, which allows him to play liberally in any direction, a complete autonomy. This is so realistic and abstract, but the soul of the artwork has been always lifelike. You can experience this blend and serrations clearly in his oeuvre.

His “Fused Unfused” concept originated with a sentiment of his generation, people and his life style.

They have core ethics of Indian value system and family bonding, plus the independence of experimenting and gelling well with the fresh creation. The way life has this beautiful fused and not so merged amalgamation – “Fused Unfused”.

His paintings are grounded on a formal approach that often brings out incomprehensible emotions; create a pleasing atmosphere close to aimless wandering and yet are still anchored in contemporary reality.

He has been painting for over twenty years now. Human figures and scenes from the Indian lifestyles are amongst  his favourite subjects.

Born in Bareilly (UP), India in 1970, Pankaj spent his youth there, all the way from primary school till college. He grew up surrounded by artistic creations; his father is an oil painter. He was always doodling or doing something artistic.He is from an Art focused family and has inherited a rich Art DNA. His father Shri Mahendra Kumar Saxena is a National Award winner in paintings and his uncle has dedicated his life to painting and sculptures.

Pankaj moved to Delhi at the age of 21 for further studies. He has a great passion for artistry and its assorted phases. At the start of his career, for a few years, he worked as a fashion/apparel designer. By the age of 30 apart from painting he moved to digital/graphic arts and worked into 2D character illustrations/animation. Currently, he is working with a Global organization, leading a team of graphic artists, illustrators and animators.