1. The Painted Verse

(Artist: Pankaj Kumar Saxena, Author: Preeta Chandran)

The Painted Verse, as the name suggests, is an amalgamation of poetry and painting, two different, yet complementary arts. Each composition in this book is enriched by the coming together of these powerful mediums of expression. The poet and the painter weave a rich fabric of colours and words, inspired by nature and its beauty, love, pain, joy, and the innermost feelings of humankind.

The book comprises 50 compositions.  While in many of them, the poem inspired the painting, in several others, the painting inspired the poem.

A treat to the eyes and the soul alike, the Painted Verse is a journey through the realms of the known and the unknown, as perceived by two artists.

Publisher: Bibliophile South Asia
ISBN:  978-93-82337-08-9
Foreword by Mr. Soli Sorabjee, former Attorney General for India

India Book of records
Wonderbook of records
Awarded by Human Resource Protection and Social Welfare Development by Minister of State- Textiles, Shri Santosh K Gangwar at this art and culture event held at Bharat Seva Trust, India

2. The Portrait of a Verse

(Artist: Pankaj Kumar Saxena, Author: Preeta Chandran, Spanish Translation: MARCELA VILLAR M.)

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Publisher: XXXXXXX


Foreword by  XXXXXXXXX

There are many authors has taken Pankaj’s paintings as their book covers.

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